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Aldnoah.Zero Ep.08 » "Forgive me, Slaine."

NOOOOOO! He can’t die! How am I gonn keep watching this show now that its best character got oneshotted?!


Hoenn Starter Mega Evolutions - Animated!

I’ve been a near-lifelong fan of Ken Sugimori’s artwork, and it turns out it’s incredibly fun to animate his work. I animated these in Toon Boom Harmony using some deformers.

If you like these and want to see me do more like them, mention the Pokemon (or Trainer!) in a reblog. I’m game!

(via reigigigas)


Oikawa Tooru - Episode 21

Karasuno ‘s Basic offense is indeed high, but we’ve played a number of teams like that. Now, let’s take back our lead.